About Us

Olweiler Insurance Agency dates back to the year 1929 when F.L. Olweiler became an agent for the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company. During this time F.L. was an officer for Farmers Mutual Insurance Company while at the same time maintaining his small insurance agency on the side.

In 1969, Jacob Olweiler purchased the agency from his father and began growing the business with the goal of branching into the real estate industry. A few years later in 1972, Jake's brother J. Philip bought into the business. The Olweiler brothers handled real estate transactions while continuing to write insurance policies.

Within a few short years, the Olweiler brothers had experienced a level of success in their real estate business so much so that the insurance aspect began to decline. To keep the insurance agency viable, they hired Barton Ziegler who eventually made full partner in 1980 and later purchased the business with his wife, Kathie, in 1998.

Under the careful watch of Bart and Kathie Ziegler, Olweilers Insurance Agency has grown in size and now represents a long list of reputable insurance companies. With a focus on committed service to every patron, Olweiler Insurance Agency is held in the highest regard as a premiere independent insurance agency in the Elizabethtown community.

Olweiler Insurance Agency

Address: 222 South Market Street #101  •  Elizabethtown, PA 17022
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PA State Insurance License #61155